Town Links Updated

To start the new year we have updated all the links on our site for Connecticut’s 169 towns. We have found several factors that had resulted in many changes on our posted links and we wanted to make sure you have the best information available. Revaluations result in new town associations with their prior valuation […] Read more »

All Connecticut Towns Tax Information Updated

We are pleased to announce that we have updated tax information for all 169 Connecticut towns for the 2013-2014 fiscal year. Although we have checked on and updated all towns in Connecticut, there are still 6 towns working off the mill rate for last year. New budgets are due July 1st, but democracy is not […] Read more »

Fairfield County Towns Updated Tax Information

Fairfield Counties 23 towns new fiscal year started July 1st. Unlike Hartford and New Haven Counties, all 23 communities have approved their budgets and have their mill rates in place. We have updated our records to show the new tax information Since last year seven of the towns in Fairfield have gone through revaluation. As […] Read more »

Hartford County Towns Updated Tax Information

We have updated the tax data for all the towns in Hartford County including the new mill rates for fiscal year 2013-2014.  Nine of the counties 29 towns went through revaluation in 2012. Some interesting trends could be seen with the Counties mill rates. Twenty eight of the towns have approved their budgets and new […] Read more »

How To Appeal Your Assessment

Yesterday we discussed how to challenge your revaluation assessment.  We left it after the informal hearing process as after that point it is the same as a normal assessment appeal. So lets discuss how to get more formal with your appeal. The State of Connecticut requires each town assessor to post the grand list for […] Read more »

How to Challenge Your Revaluation

As we have mentioned in a previous article there are 39 towns in Connecticut that are currently going through revaluation. A sampling of the towns websites shows a wide range of information provided by the communities that are in the process, from a one line mention that their last revaluation was in 2007 and their […] Read more »