Torrington Property Values

Torrington Zillow Home Value Index Torrington real estate info Torrington home values are showing signs of life and over the past 12-16 months have actually increased slightly. The analysis for this comes from several sources and although the data is not 100% favorable with some bumps and blips, the overall trend appears positive. In estimating […] Read more »

Despite Record Low Rates Many Still Paying Higher Interest

Interest this week for a 30 year mortgage is at 3.49%. Yet 69% of homeowners are paying interest rates of 5% or above, and a third of those are paying over 6%. that means that those currently paying between 5-6% are paying around $90 to $150 more per month for each $100,000 of their mortgage. […] Read more »

Too Many McMansions for the Market

It seems it isn’t only Mayor Mike Bloomberg that is banning supersizing. The market itself appears to have come to a similar conclusion on excessive size, but they aren’t referring to Coca Cola. A recent study indicates that people’s preferences are turning away from the recent trends of oversized houses that have been nicknamed McMansions. […] Read more »

Rental Demand on the Increase

Despite the most affordable housing market in recent  memory, rental demand is still increasing. This is believed to be mainly caused by the lack of increased income and difficulties coming up with the down payment. Whatever the reason, vacancy rates have been dropping in all rental types. The most significant drop can be found in […] Read more »

Real Estate News All Good, Almost

For the past couple of weeks it seems like every article on the real estate market has been positive. And why shouldn’t it be, almost every indicator seems to be pointing towards recovery. Most of todays real estate news is the same.  With such headlines as “All Commercial Real Estate Sectors Continue to Improve, Multi […] Read more »

Real Estate Optimism is on the Rise

If you are reading articles on real estate lately you will notice something different about them. Most sound positive and look optimistic about the near, if not immediate future. These articles aren’t just from the National Association of Realtors or mortgage brokers, or even appraisers, all of whom, lets be honest. have a vested interest […] Read more »

FHFA Shows 4th Quarter Decline in Connecticut House Prices

The Federal Housing Finance Agency. Shows a fourth quarter decline in single-family house prices for the fourth quarter of 2011 in their Housing Price Index. The index measures average price changes in repeat sales or refinancings on the same properties. Connecticut had a 2.98% seasonally adjusted decline in value in the fourth quarter. This is higher […] Read more »

Home Affordability Index at Record Levels

The Fiserv Case-Shiller Index shows home affordability at the  highest level since their records started in 1971. This index examines home prices in 384 metro areas across the United States, and the results are very upbeat for home buyers. Firstly, conventional mortgage payments on median-priced housing is just 12% of median-family income.  It has never been […] Read more »