Torrington Property Values

Torrington Zillow Home Value Index Torrington real estate info Torrington home values are showing signs of life and over the past 12-16 months have actually increased slightly. The analysis for this comes from several sources and although the data is not 100% favorable with some bumps and blips, the overall trend appears positive. In estimating […] Read more »

46 Towns Going Through Revaluation for 2013 Grand List

The five-year cycle of revaluations for Connecticut towns has found a larger percentage of revaluations then normal in 2013. Forty six towns are in the process of revaluation for the 2013 grand list (in comparison there were 39 revaluations in 2012). Litchfield County leads the way with 11 communities going through revaluation, followed by Hartford […] Read more »

Wanted Real Estate Related Professionals

As much as we enjoy keeping up on the Real Estate industry’s reports, financial data and statistics, when it comes right down to it Real Estate is as much about people as it is about the land. So I would like to start featuring real estate professionals in this blog on occasion. Since all of […] Read more »

Customer Saves $900 Per Year On Taxes

It is always good to get feed back from your clients, especially when it is as complimentary as this. Approximately 3 months ago we were contracted to complete and appraisal on a residential property for a tax reduction appeal. We received this email today: Dear Dan, I guess you did your job well.  The assessor […] Read more »

How Important is Your Assessment

Thirty one towns and cities went through revaluation in Connecticut for 2010, which means the new assessment and tax bills will be set within the net few months. If you are living in one of these towns it is important to make sure your assessment is fair. For example if your house is over assessed […] Read more »