Connecticut Memories

As part of our Connecticut town information pages we are going to start adding history sections for the individual towns. Ideally much of this will be reader driven with the intent being for it to be a place for people to share photos and stories about their communities, events, people and places that make it what it is today. Many events in this states history go beyond the confines of individual towns and thus in order to not repeat things that are appropriate for multiple communities we are adding a Connecticut Memories section.

A perfect example of this is the flood of 1955. There are many photos, memories and even a few videos that may be good for an individual towns page, but there are also some, especially with the videos that cover a wider area. So with that in mind we are adding Connecticut Memory Pages. We ask anyone that would like to add to either the town or Connecticut pages to please do so either by comment or by sending in photos and accounts to memories contact.

The first Connecticut Memory Page we are focusing on is the 1955 flood as those that can actually remember the floods are reaching their mid 60’s and it would be a shame for all those memories and accounts to be lost. We will be adding more pages covering events, people and places at the readers suggestion and contributions, or as it catches our interest.

I hope to make these pages a place where people can come online to share, read, learn and remember Connecticut’s past, but it is a process that cannot be fully acheived without the help and contributions of you the reader.

Current Memory Pages: