The Flood of 1955

Possibly no other weather event has done more to reshape many Connecticut towns than the Flood of 1955. The flood was a result of the state being visited by the remnants of two hurricanes within a 5 day period. On August 13 Hurricane Connie dropped four to six inches of rain on Connecticut, then five days later, hurricane, Diane, dropped an additional fourteen inches of rain in a thirty-hour period. The floods came on the 19th. hardest hit were properties along the Mad and Still Rivers in Winsted, the Naugatuck in Torrington, Waterbury and Naugatuck, the Farmington River in the Unionville section of Farminton, and the Quinebaug in the Putnam-Killingly region.

As a way of introduction I am embeding a couple of videos on the floods. If you watch these videos and can identify any of the towns and streets filmed, it would be greatly appreciated if you would comment here with the time on the video and the location.

The first video is part of a CPTV video When Disaster Struck Connecticut.


The second is an Army Corp of Engineer video highlighting their efforts during the flood of 1955. Although the video does include the other states that were hit by this flood, Connecticut is featured prominantly.

Below is a video from WKNB Channel 30 now known as WVIT.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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