Torrington, Connecticut Memories

I wanted to create a place where people could post memories of Torringtons past, be it recollections of how Torrington was, it’s history, it’s businesses and it’s people. I am encouraging people to share their pictures and stories about Torrington here as a permanent record. To Start it off I thought I would add some photos that I took of a fairly recent event Winter Storm Alfred.

Winter Storm Alfred Photos – Torrington

  • Broken branches amid snow draped trees
  • Trees and shrubs weighed down by snow
  • Evergreens looked like mountains of snow
  • The snow covered trees formed sculptures
  • Even the blue skies seemed to be painted with white
  • A front yard covered in broken branches
  • Branches were everywhere
  • Branches bent to the ground by the weight of the snow
  • Tree split in two
  • Shrubs became a canvas for the art of the snow
  • A row of evergreens
  • Large branches dotted the road
  • In the background you can see a second tree across University Road
  • Tree on powerline
  • A tree making sure no one was getting to the Uconn Torrington Branch
  • Car abandoned and plowed in on Goshen Road
  • The power of the storm shown in the size of the trees destroyed
  • A car covered in snow.


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