Signs of Torrington

Torrington, like much of the country has seen an influx of national and regional chains, changing the landscape and turning us slowly into a homogeneous, non descript anywhere USA town. Fortunately we haven’t gotten there yet. Driving through Torrington we can still recognize that we are in Torrington, CT and not Torrington, WY or “fill in the blank town” in “fill in the blank state.” One of the things that gives us identity is the signs of local businesses and institutions. So to celebrate our identity, we are sharing some of the signs that have made us Torrington, CT. Some unfortunately are no longer with us, but they still remain in our memories and provide a reminder of what we were and hopefully what we will remain, a unique local community.

Torrington Warner Theater
Yankee Pedlar Inn Yankee Pedlar Inn
First Assembly of God
First National Stores

T. Pullen

Torrington High School


W.H. Morrison
O'Sullivan's Jewelers
Cambridge Brew Pub

Nicholas Pizza Venetian Restaurant
The Christmas House
Christmas Village
Dynasty Restaurant
Petricone's Pharmacy
Nutmeg Grille
Alhambra Theater