The “New” Torrington High School

As we discussed previously the “new” Torrington High School was built in 1962, and opened in 1963. The following photos were contributed by Tracy Reed Molitor. Jack Sheedy remembers the stairways as being crowded, with traffic jams and only three minutes to get to class. The following is from his diary at the time.

  • Monday, April 29, 1963: “Believe it or not, I didn’t get lost once in the new THS building today. I was often the first person in several of my classes. I believe I am, and was, much more excited about moving in that most other students, who all would just as soon stay in the old building. But I love it. It’s a beautiful building. I have but two major objections: 1.) I have to walk a mile uphill to reach the school, and a mile back; and 2.) the periods are longer than before, stretching the day forty-five minutes longer. And next year the day will be even longer.”

The photos show a quieter time when the building was under construction or just completed. Before the bustling of the students and in many of the photos even before the desks, books and other tools that those bustling students utilized.

THS under construction auditorium floor
THS Cafeteria
THS  Chemistry Lab
THS Physics Class
THS Home Economics
THS Language Lab
THS Biology Class
THS the Main Desk
THS Library THS Gymnasium
THS Girls Locker Room
THS Electronics Room
THS Music Room
THS Hallway by Little Theater
THS Little Theater