Torrington High School

Torrington High School has gone through at least three incarnations. The first photo is from Circa 1906 and shows the Center School Building. High School students didn’t have a school of their own originally and used part of Center School. The Torrington Register reported that  “It has newly-fitted and well-equipped physical and chemical laboratories; a library of 1,500 carefully selected books of reference, fine geological and mineral collections, a 3 inch telescope, microscope, apparatus generally and seemingly every aid to successful teaching. As a whole, few schools in the state are as well provided.”

Torrington High School c 1906


The next High School was in the Vogel-Wetmore School, which is still used today as part of the Vogel-Wetmore School on Church Street. Below are two photos of Torrington High School in its second incarnation.

Vogel-Wetmore as new high school


Torrington High School in the Vogel building


In 1962 a new High School was built off Winthrop Street on Major Besse Drive. The school first opened in 1963 and is still used today after a substantial renovation in 2000. The following photo shows Torrington High School in 1963, its first year. The photo is from a postcard and was contributed by C.A. Bertrand who was in the first class to graduate from the new school in 1964.  Ms. Bertrand recalled an unforeseen problem from the glass enclosed walkway. “If you look to the right of the tree you can see the glass-enclosed walkway from the main building to the cafeteria. For a while after the school opened the birds would try to fly thru the glass and die. You would see lots of them lying dead on the ground. This was around the time the Hitchcock movie “The Birds” came out. It was a creepy sight!”

Torrington High School 1963

Below is a photo overlooking Besse Pond and the high school in the left rear of the photo. The photo was taken by Diana Dervishi. You can see her original image and other photos at


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