Torrington – The Good Old Days.

There was a stabbing in Torrington on Saturday. Did you hear about it? Did you also hear that two police officers that went to handle the situation where injured when one was knocked out and the other stabbed? You didn’t? Well it was in the Register. Well OK it was in the Evening Register and the Saturday was July 30th, 1898.

With all the people saying how things are so much worse in Torrington now after a recent stabbing, this article caught my eye while I was looking through old Evening Registers.

The stabbing occurred at the Hammond Place on East Main Street at the wedding Festivities of a Samuel Redouski and Mary Meteli. Two police officers responding to cries shortly after midnight arrived to find one man seriously wounded and five or six others fighting. The two officers tried to break it up but officer Finn ended up beaten to unconsciousness and Carroll stabbed, although not seriously. Six men were eventually subdued and taken to jail.

The six were arraigned for breach of peace, drunkenness and assault. The officers testified they were drawn to the place by yelling, when they arrived they found the yard full of people. Several men were in a heap on the ground fighting and Officer Finn jumped in among them to separate them. He got a hold of a man and held him, but then a woman came over and struck him on the nose with a club and another man hit him and he didn’t remember any more.  Officer Carroll arrived and was struck in the back and then a stick hit him in the back and he was stabbed in the arm. The wounded victim involved in the fight was in critical condition and it was unclear whether he would survive.

East Main Street circa 1900

East Main Streets peaceful surface hid a rougher time.

By the way in an article three days later the Evening Register reported on a bar brawl. So what was everyone saying about the good old days?