Fairfield County Towns Updated Tax Information

Fairfield Counties 23 towns new fiscal year started July 1st. Unlike Hartford and New Haven Counties, all 23 communities have approved their budgets and have their mill rates in place. We have updated our records to show the new tax information

Since last year seven of the towns in Fairfield have gone through revaluation. As was the case with Hartford and New Haven Counties, towns that underwent revaluation had the highest mil rate increase in order to compensate for the declining values over the past five years and the resulting lower grand lists.  The increases ranged from 4.45 mills for Danbury, up to 8.82 mills for Newtown. The highest non revaluation increase was for Norwalk which saw a base increase of 2.649 mills. Two towns showed a decline in mill rates, Shelton’s declined .09 mills, while Weston’s mill rate went down 1.03 mills. Overall only two non revaluation towns had an increase over 1 mill, the aforementioned Norwalk and Monroe, which had a 1.15 mill increase.


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