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Town Hall and Property Records Online

The State of Connecticut, unlike most of the country, does not have a county government. Each individual town is responsible for Tax Assessment, Tax Collection, Land Records maintenance, education, zoning regulations and all other responsibilities that would often be delegated to County government in other states.

We have created individual Connecticut town pages, which have links to important information for each of the towns. Since each town is responsible for maintaining its own records and setting its own Assessments, etc. there is a wide range of information available online. Most towns in Connecticut maintain a website, although some provide very little information beyond the town offices telephone number’s and hours they are open. Others provide substantial online data including access to property records, land records, mapping software, online zoning regulations, and online tax payments.

Whenever the town has real estate property records online, we have provided the link to those records in the Assessor row. When the town does not have those records we link to the Assessor’s webpage. Real estate property records are most commonly provided by the revaluation company that has completed and is maintaining the individual towns data from the previous revaluation. There are two major revaluation companies servicing Connecticut, Vision Government Solutions and eQuality Valuations Services, Inc. Both maintain online data bases for the towns they have completed revaluations, usually at an additional fee, that some towns opt out of.  Some towns also maintain property records through their GIS system. We provide a link to their GIS system under the Assessor’s row as well as the GIS row when that is the case.

A smaller number of towns maintain individual land record data online. In addition to individual towns maintaining the land records, there are some companies now providing a database of the records for a fee. Whenever a town has their own records we provide a link in the Town Clerk’s row. When they don’t and there is a fee service that provides that data we will include that. If there is no online land records data base we will include a link to the Town Clerk’s webpage.

Tax Collector links provided by our site are usually one of three types. Most commonly they link to the individual webpage of the Tax Collector. In the case of some towns with less detailed websites, that don’t have a Tax Collector web page, we will link directly to the main Webpage of the town. Many towns now have an online method for paying taxes. In some cases we will report that link in the Tax Collector row, although in most, since the payment link is normally fairly well displayed on the Tax Collector page, we will just link directly to the Tax Collector’s page.

We have found three types of GIS systems for towns in Connecticut. Some towns provide their own GIS system, often in conjunction with property records. There are also a few regional GIS systems, that in conjunction with other towns in their given area maintain a GIS system. Finally if all else fails The University of Connecticut maintains a GIS system for the State of Connecticut. They offer several different maps to choose from ranging from a historic aerial map of 1934 up to the most recent one for 2008. We provide links to the GIS as follows: if there is a town GIS that is included, if there is a region GIS but no town GIS that is included, and finally if there is neither of the first two, a link to the Connecticut GIS is provided.

Planning and Zoning departments vary from town to town. Some towns have no official planning and zoning departments with the day to day duties of those departments falling under the Building Department. Others will have a Planning Department, a land use department or either a planning or zoning department. The phone number provided will be for supplied in  a descending order depending on the towns identification of them:  the Planning and Zoning department, Zoning department, planning department and finally if the others do not exist as a separate entity, the Building Department. Links will be for zoning ordinances, zoning regulations or if they are not available then the Planning and Zoning or first existing department webpage.

The final Row and link in this section is for CERC (Connecticut Economic Resources Center) town profiles for the individual town. CERC provides a two page sheet for each town in the State of Connecticut giving valuable information including population, demographics, economic data, education, government, real estate, labor force and other valuable information.