Litchfield County Towns Updated Tax Information

Litchfield County CTTwenty four of the twenty six Litchfield Counties has their new mill rates set for the 2013-2014 fiscal year. Watertown’s budget passed by such a narrow margin that a recount is under way and provided that the preliminary count holds up their mill rate should be approved by next week. Woodbury on the other hand will have to wait longer as their vote for the new budget is not scheduled until the end of July. All tax information is available on our town web pages.

Six Litchfield County towns went through revaluation this year. As is the case with other Connecticut Counties, towns that went through revaluation found the highest increase in mill rates. There were a few exceptions to this, however. Canaan, Roxbury and Warren, despite going through revaluation only had mill rate increases of between .9 and 1.2 mills. The other three towns that went through revaluation, Goshen, North Canaan and Winchester had mill rate increases between 4 and 5.77 mills. These figures were more in line with other towns in the state which found mill rate increases of 4 to  over 15 mills.

The overall increase in mill rates for Litchfield was less then its surrounding county, with no none revaluation town increasing its mills above Torrington’s .99 increase. Cornwall and Morris’ mill rates actually declined, while Bethlehem, Bridgewater and Harwinton stayed stable.

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