Lyme, Connecticut

Lyme Connecticut town sealLyme, Connecticut is located in southwestern New London County, 31 miles southeast of Hartford, 31 miles northeast of New Haven, 13 miles northwest of New London and 17 miles southwest of Norwich. It is bordered to the north by Salem and the Middlesex County town of East Haddam, to the east by East Lyme, to the south by Long Island Sound, and to the west by the Middlesex County towns of Essex, Deep River and Chester. Lyme’s 2011 population was estimated to be 2,485, which ranks it as 154th in population for Connecticut.


Lyme, Connecticut Tax Information.

Current Grand List Year2012
Fiscal Year2013-2014
Mill Rate13
Last Revaluation2008
Next Scheduled Revaluation2013

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Lyme, Connecticut Town Hall Information

Lyme Tax Assessor(860) 434 - 8092Lyme Property Cards Online
Lyme City Clerk(860) 434 - 7733Lyme website
Lyme Tax Collector(860) 434 - 8092Lyme website
Lyme Mapping / GISN/AConnecticut GIS viewer
Lyme Planning & Zoning(860) 434-7733Lyme Zoning Regulations
Lyme City ProfileN/A CERC's Town Profile of Lyme
Lyme School InformationN/A Lyme School Information
Lyme Crime RatesN/A Lyme Crime Rates