Barnstable County

Barnstable County highlighted mass county town mapBarnstable County is located in southeastern Massachusetts. It is bordered to the northwest by Plymouth County, and to the north, east, south and west by The Atlantic Ocean . The 2012 population for Barnstable County was estimated to be 215,888. There are a total of 14 towns and 1 city in Barnstable County with the largest being the City of Barnstable. Barnstable County has an area of 1,305.53 square miles, however only 393.72 square miles is land.

Barnstable is one of five counties in Massachusetts that still has a county government. In addition to having County Commissioners, county services include land records, vocational education, Trial Court facilities maintenance, engineering, conservation, recreation, volunteer programs, and additional statutory responsibilities. The county seat is located in Barnstable.


Barnstable County, Massachusetts

TownCountyLand area (sq mi)Population (2010)
Barnstable (City)Barnstable County76.3345193
BourneBarnstable County52.8619754
BrewsterBarnstable County25.59820
ChathamBarnstable County24.46125
DennisBarnstable County22.2814207
EasthamBarnstable County25.714956
FalmouthBarnstable County54.431532
HarwichBarnstable County33.1312243
MashpeeBarnstable County27.2214006
OrleansBarnstable County22.665890
ProvincetownBarnstable County17.52942
SandwichBarnstable County44.420675
TruroBarnstable County26.32003
WellfleetBarnstable County35.412750
YarmouthBarnstable County28.223793