Edgartown Town SealEdgartown, Massachusetts is one of eight towns in Massachusetts that are located on islands. Edgartown is located on Martha’s Vineyard and is approximately 72 miles southwest of Boston.  Edgartown is part of Dukes County, which consists of 7 towns.  According to the Census Bureau, Edgartown has a total area of 122.7 acres with a land area of 27 square miles. It had an estimated population of 4,067 in 2010.

Understanding Tax and Town Hall Information

Each State, and often town have variations in how they handle taxes, records and town/county functions. Tax Information – Massachusetts General Laws require towns and cities to assess all property at its full and fair cash value as of January 1 of each year (, Chapter 59, Section 38). The assessed value for the Fiscal Year 2013 tax bill represents the fair cash value of property as of January 1, 2012. Full and fair cash value is defined as the price an owner willing, but not under compulsion, to sell ought to receive from a buyer willing, but not under  compulsion, to purchase. Massachusetts statutes further requires that all cities and towns complete a revaluation and undergo certification by the Department of Revenue every three years.  Edgartown last went through the process in 2012 .

Town Hall Information –  Edgartown provides property cards online through their GIS. The town hall is located at 70 Main St, Edgartown, MA 02539.

Edgartown Tax Information

Current Grand List Year2013
Fiscal Year2014
Mill Rate Residential3.7
Mill Rate Commercial, Industrial3.7
Last Revaluation2012
Next Revaluation2015

Edgartown highlighted in Dukes County

Edgartown Town Hall Information

Edgartown Tax Assessor(508) 627-6140Edgartown property records online
Edgartown City Clerk(508) 627-6110Edgartown land records online
Edgartown Tax Collector(508) 627-6135Pay Edgartown Taxes Online
Edgartown Mapping / GISN/AEdgartown GIS viewer
Edgartown Planning & Zoning(508) 627-6160Edgartown Zoning Regulations
Edgartown SchoolsN/AEdgartown Schools
Edgartown Crime RateN/AEdgartown Crime Rate