Franklin County, Massachusetts

Franklin County highlighted in MassachusettsFranklin County is located in north central western Massachusetts. It is bordered to the west by Berkshire County, to the north by the Vermont and New Hampshire State Line, to the East by Worcester Counties, and to the south by the Hampshire County Line . The 2012 population for Franklin County was estimated to be 71,540. There are a total of 25 towns and  1 city in Franklin County with the largest being Greenfield. Franklin County has a land area of 725 square miles.

In 1997 County functions for the area were assumed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, making Franklin County a historical geographic region, with no county government. Some regional officials, including the sheriffs office,  are still elected locally, but there is no county council or commissioner. The Franklin Regional Council of Governments is a regional compact that the towns have formed to share services. In addition, Franklin County Solid Waste Management District provides municipal waste disposal and recycling services to its members, while public transportation throughout the county and in the North Quabbin area of northwestern Worcester County is provided by the Franklin Regional Transit Authority.

Franklin County Massachusetts

TownCountyLand area (sq mi)Population (2010)
AshfieldFranklin County40.271737
BernardstonFranklin County23.42129
BucklandFranklin County19.881902
CharlemontFranklin County26.41266
ColrainFranklin County43.41671
ConwayFranklin County37.881897
DeerfieldFranklin County33.445125
ErvingFranklin County14.41800
GillFranklin County14.791500
Greenfield (City)Franklin County21.8917456
HawleyFranklin County30.9337
HeathFranklin County24.9706
LeverettFranklin County231851
LeydenFranklin County18.03711
MonroeFranklin County10.8121
MontagueFranklin County31.478437
New SalemFranklin County58.65990
NorthfieldFranklin County35.43032
OrangeFranklin County36.027839
RoweFranklin County24.02393
ShelburneFranklin County23.41893
ShutesburyFranklin County27.21771
SunderlandFranklin County14.753684
WarwickFranklin County37.64780
WendellFranklin County32.2848
Franklin County20.71496