Hampden County, Massachusetts

mass county town map with hampden county highlightedHampden County is located in southern western central Massachusetts. It is bordered to the west by Berkshire County, to the north by Hampshire County, to the East by Worcester County, and to the south by the Connecticut State Line . The 2012 population for Hampden County was estimated to be 465,934.
There are a total of 16 towns and  7 cities in Hampden County with the largest being Springfield. Hampden County has a land area of 634 square miles.



Hampden County, Massachusetts Towns

TownCountyLand area (sq mi)Population (2010)
Agawam (City)Hampden County24.228438
BlandfordHampden County53.61233
BrimfieldHampden County35.23609
ChesterHampden County37.11337
Chicopee (City)Hampden County23.955298
East LongmeadowHampden County1315720
GranvilleHampden County431566
HampdenHampden County19.75139
HollandHampden County13.12841
Holyoke (City)Hampden County22.839880
LongmeadowHampden County9.515,784
LudlowHampden County28.221103
MonsonHampden County44.88560
MontgomeryHampden County15.2838
Palmer (City)Hampden County3212140
RussellHampden County17.91775
SouthwickHampden County31.79502
Springfield (City)Hampden County33.2153060
TollandHampden County32.8485
WalesHampden County161838
West Springfield (City)Hampden County17.528391
Westfield (City)Hampden County47.341094
WilbrahamHampden County22.414868