Worcester County, Massachusetts

Worcester County HIghlighted Map of MassachusettsWorcester County is located in central Massachusetts. It is bordered to the west by Franklin, Hampshire and Hampden Counties, to the north by the New Hampshire State Line, to the East by Middlesex and Norfolk Counties, and to the south by the Connecticut State Line . The 2012 population for Worcester County was estimated to be 806,163. There are a total of 55 towns and  5 cities in Worcester County with the largest being Worcester. Worcester County has a land area of 1,579 square miles.

In 1998 County functions for the area were assumed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, making Worcester County a historical geographic region, with no county government. Some regional officials, including the sheriff’s office,  are still elected locally, but there is no county council or commissioner.

Worcester County Massachusetts

TownCountyLand area (sq mi)Population (2010)
AshburnhamWorcester County416081
AtholWorcester County33.411584
AuburnWorcester County16.416188
BarreWorcester County44.65398
BerlinWorcester County13.12866
BlackstoneWorcester County11.29026
BoltonWorcester County204897
BoylstonWorcester County19.74355
BrookfieldWorcester County16.63390
CharltonWorcester County43.812981
ClintonWorcester County7.313606
DouglasWorcester County37.78471
DudleyWorcester County22.111390
East BrookfieldWorcester County10.42183
Fitchburg (City)Worcester County28.140318
Gardner (City)Worcester County2320228
GraftonWorcester County23.317765
HardwickWorcester County40.82990
HarvardWorcester County276520
HoldenWorcester County36.217346
HopedaleWorcester County5.35911
HubbardstonWorcester County424382
LancasterWorcester County28.28055
LeicesterWorcester County24.710970
Leominster (City)Worcester County3040759
LundenburgWorcester County27.710086
MendonWorcester County18.35839
MilfordWorcester County14.927999
MillburyWorcester County23.42129
MillvilleWorcester County53190
New BraintreeWorcester County20.9999
North BrookfieldWorcester County21.14680
NorthboroughWorcester County18.814155
NorthbridgeWorcester County18.115707
OakhamWorcester County21.51902
OxfordWorcester County27.513709
PaxtonWorcester County15.54806
PetershamWorcester County68.31234
PhillipstonWorcester County24.61682
PrincetonWorcester County35.83413
RoyalstonWorcester County42.51258
RutlandWorcester County36.47973
ShrewsburyWorcester County21.735608
SouthboroughWorcester County15.79767
Southbridge (City)Worcester County20.916719
SpencerWorcester County34.111688
SterlingWorcester County31.67808
SturbridgeWorcester County399268
SuttonWorcester County33.98250
TempletonWorcester County32.48013
UptonWorcester County21.77542
UxbridgeWorcester County30.413457
WarrenWorcester County27.65135
WebsterWorcester County14.516767
West BoylstonWorcester County13.87669
West BrookfieldWorcester County21.13701
WestboroughWorcester County21.618272
WestminsterWorcester County37.37277
WinchendonWorcester County44.110300
Worcester (City)Worcester County38.6181045