Middlesex County

Map of Connecticut highlighting Middlesex CountyMiddlesex County is located in south central Connecticut. It is bordered to the north by Hartford, County, to the East by Hartford and New London Counties, to the south by Long Island Sound, and to the west by New Haven County. The 2011 population for Middlesex County was estimated to be 166,346.

There are a total of 15 towns in Middlesex County with the largest being Middletown. Middlesex County has a land area of 369 square miles.


Middlesex County Towns

TownsCountyLand area (sq mi)Population (2011)Grand List YearMill RateLast RevaluationNext Revaluation
ChesterMiddlesex County16.033982201221.9520082013
ClintonMiddlesex County16.2813033201225.4320102015
CromwellMiddlesex County12.3913940201232.8520122017
Deep RiverMiddlesex County13.554596201225.0820102015
DurhamMiddlesex County23.67416201232.6620102015
East HaddamMiddlesex County54.339223201226.0120122017
East HamptonMiddlesex County35.5913081201226.6320102015
EssexMiddlesex County10.366669201218.9920082013
HaddamMiddlesex County44.038366201229.4820102015
KillingworthMiddlesex County35.336671201224.5320112015
MiddlefieldMiddlesex County12.74415201233.2420112016
Middletown(city)Middlesex County40.948041201227.7*20072013
Old SaybrookMiddlesex County15.0410229201215.220082013
PortlandMiddlesex County23.49739201231.2820112016
WestbrookMiddlesex County15.726935201220.9820112016