Residential Appraisal

Rapid Appraisal has been completing residential real estate appraisals in Connecticut for 25 years. During that period we have completed appraisals in every town in Connecticut for all types of residential properties. There are many reasons why a person might need an appraisal and we at Rapid Appraisal are well versed in how to satisfy the requirements for each of them.

We cater to the individual real estate appraisal client providing them with personal service that most appraisers reserve for their institutional clients such as banks and management companies. However, since our focus is on individual real estate owners, we make them our priority.

You get that personal service from your first call to our firm, where we take the time to learn your type of property and what your purpose is for the appraisal, to the time we electronically deliver it to you. We take more time on the phone with that first call as we want to make sure that your appraisal requirements are met as efficiently and as inexpensively as possible.

If you think you need an appraisal but aren’t sure, we encourage you to call. We are always willing to consult with you and let you know if there may be another alternative to an appraisal if one isn’t needed. If one is needed we will gladly go over the alternatives that are available to you and we will work together to make sure you get the appraisal you need and the most favorable price. Customer service is always our goal and we want to be your Personal Appraiser.