Tax Assessment Reduction

Money flying out the window.An improper assessment could cost you $1,000 of dollars over the life of the Assessment.  If you feel your property tax assessment is over valued, then you should consider an appeal. The Board of Appeals, during the month of March, hears appeals on Grand List filed with the Town Clerk by the Assessor on the previous January 31st.  In order to go before the Board of Appeals you must file an application no later than February 20th with the Board.  Call your local Assessor’s office for more information.  Many towns will have an application directly on their website. The written appeal shall include, the property owner’s name, name and position of the signer, description of the property which is the subject of the appeal, name and mailing address of the party to be sent all correspondence by the board of assessment appeals, reason for the appeal, appellant’s estimate of value, signature of property owner, or duly authorized agent of the property owner, and date of signature. It is important to remember that real estate appeals must be based upon the value of the property at the time of the last revaluation, not the current market. For example if your town went through a revaluation for the 2010 Grand List then the value of your property would have to be estimated for October 1st, 2010 (all Grand Lists are locked in as of October 1st in Connecticut). If you are not satisfied with the determination of the Board of Assessment Appeals, you may appeal their action to Superior Court. This must be done within two months of the action of the Board. If you choose to appeal your assessment to the Superior Court directly without recourse to the Board of Assessment Appeals, you must appeal to the Superior Court within one year from the date the property was last assessed. If you think your assessment is too high it would be worth your while to get it appraised. Rapid Appraisal Inc. has a way that you can check to see if your assessment is too high at a minimal cost and still afford you the opportunity of getting a full appraisal should it be worth pursuing. For $75.00 Rapid Appraisal will complete a restricted appraisal on the subject from their office. This will give you an estimate of market value as of the assessment date. If you have been over assessed and you decide to go ahead with an appeal and want a full appraisal to present to the Board of Appeals we will give you a $75.00 credit towards that full appraisal. So for a fee of $75.00 you could save thousands off your taxes. If you would like to find out if you can save money on your house taxes fill out this form.