Town Links Updated

To start the new year we have updated all the links on our site for Connecticut’s 169 towns. We have found several factors that had resulted in many changes on our posted links and we wanted to make sure you have the best information available. Revaluations result in new town associations with their prior valuation companies and we have made sure any that changed links due to revaluation company switches have been addressed. Even towns that didn’t go through revaluation found the links to the Assessor online records changed as two of the major revaluation companies in Connecticut, EquityCama and Vision Appraisal, have changed their location for the online records. There may be some reasoning in how they moved some towns and not others to their new web addresses, but in our research we couldn’t find it. No matter what the reason or whether they changed to the new domains or not, we have made sure you have the most updated links.

Assessor’s records were not the only significant changes that we found. More Connecticut communities are developing their own GIS (Geographic Information Systems), while others have joined regional systems, so we are pleased to have updated to the most comprehensive GIS records for Connecticut town. If no other GIS was found we linked it to the University of Connecticut GIS Maps, which do not usually go down to the individual lot lines like most individual town GIS do, but does have some valuable information attached to them. In some cases towns have their own GIS and also are members of a regional GIS. Whenever possible we have linked to both of them, to give users a choice of options.

Zoning regulations were another link that we found to have several changes, with updated zoning regulations often given a different link tied to their date. You will also find added information on Town Clerk data. There are two main sites that connect with the town clerks offices in Connecticut and provide for online land record look ups and individual deed views for a fee. This information was provided for each town that is connected with one of these two companies along with giving a link to the individual town clerk’s webpage.

The result of this effort is that you will find the most detailed and up to date Connecticut town hall information of any site out there. We are sure you will find this data useful and hope that you will share it with your associates and friends. If there is other information that you would like to see on our site, please feel free to email us with your suggestions. It is our goal to make this site the best available resource for Connecticut town hall information.

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