Your Personal Real Estate Appraiser

Rapid Appraisal, Inc. is an all purpose Real Estate Appraisal company servicing the entire state of Connecticut since 1980. Although having completed appraisals for a wide range of clients, including many local and national lenders, Rapid Appraisal specializes in individuals needs. They are focused on being their clients personal appraiser. “I have been involved in the appraisal industry for almost 30 years and I have seen how much it has developed into an impersonal profession that caters to large lenders and management companies” the owner and president of Rapid Appraisal said. He further added “most of the forms are designed for these large entities as is the criteria that most appraisers follow. As a result individuals that require personal service and understanding are lost in the need to please the giants.”

Individual Appraisal Clients

In response to this, Rapid Appraisal has been set up with the needs of individuals in mind. They have turned away from the impersonal world of institutional lending and appraising to focus on servicing individual real estate appraisal clients.

What that means to a local real estate owner, attorney, CPA or anyone else that requires a real estate appraisal is that Rapid Appraisal will be completely focused on meeting their needs. This is because they aren’t spending their time catering to large lenders and management companies, that can bury them in work and demand immediate action, without regard for the time restraints of individuals. So if you utilize Rapid Appraisal you will get their full attention. That attention starts from the moment you call and they take the time to get the details on your property and the purpose of the appraisal in order to make sure your needs are met. Then they carry all the way through the appraisals delivery, and even beyond if there are any questions. Thats what a personal appraiser will do for you.

Your Personal Appraiser

So no matter whether you want an appraisal of the family home before sale, are looking to lower an overvalued assessment on your industrial building, want to prepare your real estate holdings in an overall estate plan, or for any other purpose, get the service and care that was only available to the big banks in the past, Get yourself a personal appraiser.